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The best compact camera to take on your short break.

Your camera is probably one of the first things to pack when setting off on a mini-break with so many stunning sites to see, you may be constantly snapping away. I don't know about you, but I'm always looking back over my photos of past adventures, it makes me feel I'm still there sometimes. And having a good camera is essential.

It's not easy trying to find the right camera to suit everybody and with today's smartphones capable of taking some incredible photos and videos, sometimes it just doesn't quite do it. A camera is designed just to take photos, that's its sole purpose, so if you want the best photos from your mini-break, be sure to invest in one. But taking lots of camera bags and accessories can also be a hassle, especially if you're only going on a short break and taking only hand luggage.

So after doing my research and talking to photographers and travelers alike, I have put together a list of the best compact cameras to take on your short break, along with a brief description and review of each.

Go Pro Hero 8

Simply the best for short breaks when you might want lots of action shots and videos, like water sports and skiing breaks. Its durability, voice control, and size make this camera a must for any adrenaline-packed break.

The Go Pro Hero 8 is for me the best Go Pro camera yet. Its small compact design makes it perfect for travel, it fits in your pocket. If your vlogging while on your trips then this camera is the one for you. I just love capturing and editing my stunning 4k videos. The Go Pro app makes it so easy to instantly edit and share your videos with the world.

A brilliant all action camera with unshakable HyperSmooth stabilization technology, allowing you to capture incredibly smooth footage even if you are speeding along on bikes or snowboarding on the slopes. The Go Pro Hero 8 has a cool voice recognition feature, with 14 voice commands. This makes for easy recording if you wanted to shoot a video but can't easily access the buttons.

One of my favorite features of the Go Pro Hero 8 is the epic night lapse video. Although this feature is available on other Go Pro cameras after the Hero 4, The newer Hero 8 with its up to date technology is better equipped. Capture stunning nighttime magic in 4k, I love capturing amazing sunsets and I can't wait to take the Go Pro Hero 8 on my trip to see the northern lights.

The Go Pro Hero 8 is completely waterproof up to 10 meters, this makes it a great camera for underwater photography so weather your swimming or snorkeling or on your kayak, you won't miss anything.

There are some great mods available for the Hero 8 to, These include the Media Mod, Display Mod, and the Light Mod. These are all add ons you buy separately but they will take your pictures and videos to the next level.

Shop the Go Pro Hero 8 here.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Va

Another excellent camera ideal for your mini-break, with a solid, lightweight, and compact design. A little bit more sophisticated than the go pro though. I have written a brief description and review below.

Since the launch of the RX100 line, Sony released the RX100 VA as an upgrade of the RX100 V. It hosts multiple sophisticated features that make it the fastest and clearer in the RX100 line. These include:
• Metering and autofocusing options
• An upgraded white balance
• Deeper buffer
• Ability to save 720p proxy footage as well as 4K video.
Besides its pocket-size and lightness, here is why you might want to get Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Mark VA!

Features and Specifications

The RX100 VA offers you A-level AF performance so you can capture images fast with unmatched focus. You'll also enjoy the 24Fps continuous shooting speed that'll come in handy when shooting wildlife or fast-moving objects. This feature favors professional photographers looking to take portrait images.
The RX100 VA is suitable for rough terrain and long-distance trips because its body is intact and no detachable components will break apart.
Sony RX100 IV measures just 102 x 58 x 41 mm and weighs approximately 299g making it one of the lightest compact cameras in the market.

The camera has a 20M pixel resolution. Having such large images allows one to crop down to smaller sections of the image and still have plenty of pixels to print. This resolution could come in handy when capturing faraway objects that require zooming.

The 3" LCD screen tilts up 180 degrees and down 45 degrees so, you can get the right shot at any angle. You can also tilt the screen in front of the camera if you feel like taking higher-quality pictures than your smartphone.

The RX100 has various autofocus functions including:
• Contrast-detect (sensor),
• Phase detect
• Multi-area center
• Selective single-point tracking
• Face detection
• Live view
• Continuous shooting mode or burst mode.
The burst mode is a particularly useful mode for taking shots of any situation where there is movement. This feature is suitable during travels and road trips since you’ll be taking some photos while moving.

With Sony RX100 VA, you can record your videos at a high resolution of 3840 x 2160 at 30p, 25p, 24p fps, and save in MPEG-4, AVCHD, and XAVC S formats. When viewed on a 4K screen, you will be amazed by the level of detail and crispness.
RX100 VA also has a high-speed mode where it captures videos at 960 fps for ultra-slow-motion videos. It also has a built-in stereo microphone and a mono speaker.

Sony RX100 VA features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which lets you transfer photos directly to compatible devices without any physical connection. With its NFC feature, it can communicate with devices with this technology such as smartphones by simply touching each other.
For convenient operability, you can readily control RX100 VA with your smartphone. Simply install the remote control app to change camera settings, release the shutter, view LCD screen, or transfer files.

You can connect RX100 VA to compatible devices via its HDMI port or NP-BX1 lithium-ion battery and USB charger port.

It has a clip-on viewfinder you can keep stowed away when you don't need it. This camera is especially ideal for travel vlog thanks to its front-facing 180-degree screen.
The Sony released RX100 Mark VA package also includes a rechargeable battery, adapter, wrist strap, instruction manual, and a USB cable.

The Take
With the above features, the RX100 VA is custom-made to suit the needs of different people. Whether you like to point and shoot as an enthusiastic user or you like to play around with more advanced photography settings, the RX100 VA has you covered.
This camera is lightweight so, you can carry it around and small-sized so, you can stow it away readily. It also has 4K video mode and image stabilization, so it’s great for anyone who loves to vlog with a compact camera.
While it houses amazing features, RX100 VA requires some improvements to meet the needs of enthusiastic and professional users. Also, this camera version is a bit costly considering it lacks some functions for flawless application. Although it has no touchscreen, you can navigate the user interface of RX100 VA easily.

Shop the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Va here

Canon Powershot G5 X MARK II

The art of photography is growing more significant as each day passes by. However, in the market, there are a variety of cameras; you must get a device that is not going to disappoint your photography. You may have mastered the art of photography, but you do not have a reliable camera. Canon POWERSHOT G5 X mark 2 is the camera for you. Below is the review of what you need to know about the camera.

Canon POWERSHOT G5 X mark 2 is one of the most innovative cameras launched by canon in the line of camera series. The camera comes with a versatile lens and a compact unit design which makes it easy to pocket. It offers one an excellent grip despite being a small camera and the controls are ergonomically designed. The manufacturers of the canon have given a significant effort in the production of the camera by including s new sensor alongside an updated processor to provide you with ultimate responsive performance.

To add on the versatility of the camera, the electronic pop-up viewfinder is an excellent add-on to the camera. Also, the camera displays a fast burst shooting of appreciated quality as good quality 4K video. The design of the G5 X Mark 2 is a replica of the G7 X lineup other than that of the original G5 X. the new model of the camera is significantly different from the old camera in terms of the fully articulating screen as well as the centrally located viewfinder that is replaced by an electronic pop-up viewfinder. This makes the model more convenient to pocket.

It is always challenging to select the best camera due to the high number of products in the market that claim quality. However, when it comes to Canon POWERSHOT G5 X mark 2, the features below make it to remain afloat as compared to other camera models. Here are the elements that contribute more to the versatility of the camera, making it the camera you want to take home with you.

The camera offers a compact unit and a versatile DSLR –a level performance that ensures you can conveniently take your camera on an adventure with you. The camera features a 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, a 5X optical zoom and a powerful DIGIC 8 processor which ensure you get top quality performance without limiting room for creativity. Among other high quality, features include the electronic viewfinder with almost 2.36 million dots, touch and drag AF, A 4K 30P/ FHD 120p video and an operating temperature of 32 104F/ 0 40 degrees.

Having caught a glimpse of what the camera entails, it is time you asked yourself, what is this camera suitable for? Well, being lend of high quality and portability the camera with EOS-inspired design is good for creative work, and it is ideal for travel enthusiasts due to its portability and compact nature. Also, the camera is an excellent choice for premium optics. It owes this to the 5X zoom lens which is established based on the lens expertise of canon in optics. The camera is unlimited to light since the fast f/1.8-2.8 aperture enables the camera to give desirable results when shooting in low light intensity.

For quality movies, you can depend on Canon POWERSHOT G5 X mark 2. In as much as it provides room for creativity in photography, it is also easy to get creative with videos too. The camera’s versatility is elevated by the ability to record 4K videos with frame rates that are up to 120fps in full HD mode. This makes the camera good for several occasions.

The camera is equipped with smart sharing. Using your compact unit, you can shoot your photos and edit them. Also, you can share your pictures through quick share since the camera can share files using Wi-Fi, and it also boasts of a constant Bluetooth link.

Now you know what the Canon PowerShot G5 Mark 2 entails and the services it can give you. Having this model of the camera opens your way to great photography and allows you to be more creative as you have fun. It is an excellent choice for travel enthusiasts since the design is compact and portable. Also, you can rely on it for quality footage and the enabled quick share.

Shop the Cannon Powershot G5 X Mark II here.

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