How to experience Europe from home.

If, like me your fed up with being stuck at home and missing your little mini adventures, read on.

We are experiencing extremely difficult times when we can’t just jump on a plane and go wherever we like whenever we like. But inside of us is a burning desire to experience something new or even learn something new, and an online virtual tour or experience can feel like a great escape away from what’s going on right now. So let’s bring the world to your front room.

So What is an online virtual experience?

Online experiences are a great way to get as close to the action as possible without actually being there. Take virtual tours on Zoom of places like the Colosseum in Rome, or the Louvre museum in Paris. Tons of museums from around Europe are offering virtual experiences. But it’s not just tours of museums and famous tourist attractions that you can partake in. Have you have always wanted to learn how to cook pasta or pizza the way they do in Rome?

A virtual online experience is an excellent way for all the family or a group of friends to interact together and meet new people from different places, as well as being one of the best ways to get us through this quarantine period.

Here are 5 examples of how we can bring these experiences to our homes.

1. Rome, virtual tour of the Colosseum and Gladiators.

Travel back to ancient Rome and discover the Colosseum and its history and architecture and what it means to the eternal city. Listen to engaging and fascinating stories about how this huge amphitheater played host to gladiatorial contests, as well as other public spectacles, including executions.

During the tour you will be able to ask the guide questions and engage with others from around the world on this virtual experience, it will almost feel like you are there.

Book your tour here.

2. Virtual pizza making class, Rome style.

There’s pizza at home and then there is pizza in Rome. Italy is the home of pizza and if you want to know how to make one true Italian style, join this virtual pizza making class, where you will learn from two Italian chefs, how to make the best pizza, including sourcing the finest ingredients.

Book your pizza making experience here.

3. Experience the Santorini sunset

Santorini sunset, Greece

On the greek island of Santorini lies a small village called Oia, a village famous for its stunning views and sunsets. Take the virtual tour of island and its old towns and streets and experience to gorgeous sunsets for yourself as you follow a local guide as they wander round the islands best known own sites. If you have never been to Santorini, this virtual tour will sure whet your appetite for a trip there in the near future.

See Santorini here.

4.Virtual tour of Pompeii

Join a live one-hour webinar and learn about the history and tragedy of Pompeii. Discover what Roman life would have been like 2000 years ago, as well as learning how the eruption of Mount Vesuvius caused the death of thousands of people.

Get the whole family involved, it’s a fun and entertaining way to teach and engage children, with the guides using lots of videos, photos, and excellent local knowledge.

Start your tour here.

5. Louvre virtual museum tour.

The Louvre museum in Paris.

The Louvre museum is a must-visit attraction when taking a trip to Paris, but while this is not possible, it is, however, possible to bring the Louvre to our front room. Explore all the masterpieces like the Mona Lisa, and the Raft of the Medusa, all from your computer. Listen to an art expert as they take you around the museum, as they teach you the history of the masterpieces, and why the Mona Lisa is surrounded by guards and armoured glass.

This one hour webinar is a fantastic way to expand your knowledge around the worlds most visited museum. At the end you have a chance to get involved in a live Q&A webinar.

Explore the Louvre here.

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