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Passionate about Travel, Culture and saving the planet we live on

Hey! I am Matthew or Matt, firstly, I would just like to say it's awesome to have you here, and thanks for visiting. I am from Cambridge in the UK, and I have a passion for travel, adventure, and different cultures. I also love to share stories and write helpful travel articles. I created the Mini Break with a passion to help you get inspired, plan, book, and get the very best out of your short breaks. 

I love this world and I want to do my part in helping to save it, so I plan to find better and more environmentally friendly ways to travel, as well as reducing my use of plastics. I also love to work with brands that share my values.

If you have a question about anything on this site, or anything else, or you would love to share some of your stories about Europe, please get in touch with me, I love to hear about other people's adventures. Just hit the contact button below. 

About Matt,

Standing near the Eiffel Tower in Paris

I developed a love for the world, its different cultures, and adventure from a young age, and I hope to explore as much of it as I can.

I love a mini-break. I am a family man with 2 children so mini breaking fits into my lifestyle much better than traveling full time, it's easier to plan and budget for, and much of Europe is within easy reach of the UK, my home country.

My dream is to one day drive the whole of Europe with my family in a camper van. A dream we all share. To me, life is about adventure and making memories we can look back on and talk about forever. 

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